i'll dream of you
i'll kis you in my dreams
i'll even hold and krabbel you in my dreams
i'll do anything we ever did together, all in 1 dream
i'm not even sure i'll sleep when i have this dream
and maybe you'll be there with me
living the same dream

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Before departure...

Sitting, waiting, sitting, waiting

So here I am, writing again

It seems to me my hands start moving

my inspiration comes,

the second I'm even think about coming closer to you

I'm not even on the train yet and 

still I feel so excited, so closeby, ...

'just' four more hours and we'll be together again

I don't mind waiting, I don't mind travelling, 

if it means being yours

once more 

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living dreams together

"even if there is just one person in the world" "I don't want to hurry" "how do you feel" - "complete"

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Your lips are posed in a spot of daylight enlighting them - to say "kiss me" for me they are more famous than anything else in this world.

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erleben genießen entspannen lesen ideal von Zeit zu Zeit Frankfurt am Main

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two days in Frankfurt

I'm not thinking, these things write theirselves... This is my story not written by me it's written through me. Little thouhgts, emotions, flowing through my veins, reaching my fingertips making my thouhgts float over paper. Like a boat on the sea, like my breath over you, skin on skin in the morning time. This warm autumm wind, guiding us, comforting me being my friend on the way home. This is what i mean, je denkt ec gewaas niet over ma.

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